NPRU Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University 75 Years of high quality and high morality graduates ……. a giving back to society



The symbol of Nakhon Pathom Rajabhat University is composed of the Octagonal Throne, the Discus (Chakra), in the middle of which is the symbolic letter “Unalome” insignia. Around the Chakra Discus, there are rays radiating all around. Above the Chakra Discus is the Seven-Tiered Umbrella over the Octagonal Throne meaning that His Majesty the King has sovereign power in the realm, for at the Coronation Ceremony His Majesty sat upon the Octagonal Throne and received consecrated water from the eight cardinal points in accordance with ancient Royal custom which for the first time was presented by Members of Parliament instead of Royal pundits.
            represents the Royal Institute which was the founder of Rajabhat university.
           represents the location of 36 universities in the natural and greenery environment.
            represents the intellectual prosperity.
           represents the prosperity of local art and culture.
           represents the pure thought of wisdom of His Majesty.